Aerial Tour of Swan Lake Fire with Nate Perrine

Aerial Tour of Swan Lake Fire with Nate Perrine

Fire crews are taking advantage of suppression work completed during the 2017 East Fork Fire, and focusing all efforts to keep the fire east of the community of Sterling and the Sterling Highway. Heavy helicopters supported the Pioneer Peak Interagency Hotshot Crew and the Gannett Glacier Type 2 Initial Attack Crew throughout the afternoon with strategically-placed water drops. As anticipated, fire activity increased in the dense black spruce stands to the north and northeast as wind speeds increased throughout the afternoon. Additional aircraft and the University of Alaska Fairbanks Type 2 Fire Crew have been ordered to support suppression efforts on the southwest area of the fire.

A Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR) is in place. The TFR is designed to protect aerial transportation and suppression efforts related to the fire from interference from private, commercial, military or drones of any kind.

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Credit: Kale Casey/Alaska Division of Forestry

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