Anchorage High School Video Program Good For Industry

Anchorage High School Video Program Good For Industry

Ready, Film, and Distribute are the key concepts taught at Anchorage South High School video program. This program is in its sixth year, is an extension of the program in place at Golden View Middle School, for 25 years. In the year-long program at South high school, Lee Butterfield – Teacher of Arts and A/V skills, introduces high school students to the world of video production, which culminates in a school-wide competition. He says that students have the ability to be able to study the craft of filmmaking and broadcasting from the 7th to 12th grade. This year‘s competition attracted 70 submissions from South High students and alumni, with over $10,000 worth of prizes available. Every year the event is a party in the parking lot at the school, open to the public with local food trucks, live music, and carnival games from the local National Guard.

This Friday, May 10, at 2:30 in the afternoon at the Beartooth, King Tech, will be holding its film festival.

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