Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Rapid Expedition

Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Rapid Expedition

Throughout 2018, the International League of Conservation Photographers (iLCP) with our partners The Wilderness Society and the Alaska Wilderness League supported a series of rapid response expeditions into Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to highlight the urgent need to protect this threatened national treasure.

The Arctic Refuge Stories project includes 8 expeditions with a total of forty storytellers gathering images, video, artworks, and stories to share, engage and inspire North Americans to get involved in Arctic Refuge efforts. It is our belief that in order to make change in the world, we need to rally thousands of passionate people to dedicate their time and resources to this issue. We are part of the wave of people working to raise awareness for the pristine and important part of the world that is the Arctic Refuge and to encourage Congress to reconsider the decision to allow drilling in the Coastal Plain of Alaska’s Arctic National Refuge.

View the journey here:

Special thanks to Emerging League Katie Schuler:

Handle: #coralandoak

Handle: @CoralandOak


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