Band Nightmares Episode 5: Two Birds with One Baker (THEATRICAL CUT)

Band Nightmares Episode 5: Two Birds with One Baker (THEATRICAL CUT)

Band Nightmares returns for the thrilling conclusion of the infamous “aBIRD Arc.”

Band Nightmares follows international pop multi-instrumentalist/producer/entrepreneur Gene Baker as he travels the globe searching for struggling musicians to help tune their artistic prowess to the zeitgeist of the “Now.” Gene Baker is a guru, but not a religion (although his millions of fans may argue to the contrary).

NOW: aBIRD tried (in vain) to be the first act in Band Nightmares history to walk off set. Gene wasn’t so easily swayed, and used his industry connects and know-how to track them down to The Studio, where he made them an offer they literally were not allowed to refuse (contractually).

Watch the thrilling conclusion: The music industry mogul finally puts witch house duo to the test on the big stage. Will aBIRD come together, against all odds, and finally show the world what they were birthed to do? What surprises does Gene have in store for the unsuspecting morons? Tune in now and find out!

DISCLAIMER: Watching this video constitutes waiving the legal right to participate in a jury for any legal action that may or may not be pursued against one Mr. Gene Baker. Like & subscribe. I love you. You, specifically. This isn’t a generic message, this is personal.

Directed by
Drew Rosenthal (@behappyforonce)
King Bop (@kingbeebop)

Gene Baker as Himself (@gene_baker_llc)
Adam Bird as Himself (@abirdmusic)
Nick Ivory as Himself (@abirdmusic)
King Bop as aBIRD’s Attorney / Video Intern Voiceover
Drew Rosenthal as Gene’s Attorney
Jody Peyote as Herself (@kunsty)
Scoutleader Wiley as Herself (@teenage_edgel0rd)
Max Stalker Wilde as Himself (@stalkerwilde)
Amanda Vogel as Herself (@amandajane.vee)
Paperboy ‘Love’ Prince as Themself (@paperboytheprince)

Edited by
Drew Rosenthal
Gene Baker / King Bop / Drew Rosenthal (“Previously On Band Nightmares” segment)

Cinematography by
Drew Rosenthal
King Bop

Sound Design by
Drew Rosenthal
Sam Wright Fairbanks (@email_girl_)

Special Thanks

Little Skips (@littleskips)
YoFiFest, The Yonkers Film Festival (@yofifest)
Foxanne (@foxannemusic)
Amazon Prime Video (@amazonprimevideo)
Paul Jordan Talbot

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