Lauge – Fairbanks [SpaceAmbient]

Lauge – Fairbanks [SpaceAmbient]

📡 With a long history of writing electronic music, Henrik Laugesen better known under the pseudonym “Lauge” or as part of “Lauge & Baba Gnohm” still continues to express himself through deep and melancholic soundscapes ranging from beat-less drones to IDM/Glitch. So far Lauge has had several releases on labels around the globe, including the full-length album “Sundays” Released back in 2008. Lauge released his second full-length album “Pusterum” in February 2015 and have just now released his 3rd solo album Dawn on Iboga Records.

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🎨 Image: Off-World Transports.
Artist: Neil Branquinho.
Contact: [email protected]
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Over 10 years of freelance and studio experience as a 2d illustrator, concept artist and art director, having worked in Europe and Los Angeles.

“Here’s a new personal piece I have been working up recently. I’ve always been a massive Blade Runner fan, so I guess it’s fairly obvious what’s influenced this one.
It’s kinda focused around the idea of the Off-World transports, you never really see them in the film, so I had a crack at what they may have looked like.”

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“Science fiction is the great opportunity to speculate on what could happen. It does give me, as a futurist, scenarios.” – Ray Kurzweil.

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